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Uses For Vegetable Glycerin

What is vegetable glycerin?
Vegetable glycerin is also known as vegetable glycerol. It is a carbohydrate that is usually derived from plant oils. Glycerin is an organic compound composed of three carbon atoms, hydrogen atoms, and three OH groups. These OH groups form hydrogen bonds with water, slowing down its movement and giving liquid glycerin the property of a syrup. It is also resistant to freezing, a property used in storing sensitive liquids, such as enzymes, in laboratory freezers.

What are the uses for vegetable glycerin?
Vegetable glycerine is a compound that comes from vegetable oil, usually palm or coconut. It has strong humectant properties, meaning it is able to retain moisture. It is clear, colorless and very sweet. Because it is soluble in water and alcohol, natural and easily produced, it is beneficial for manufacturing purposes and is one of the most common additives in a range of products from cosmetics to food.

General Skin Care
There are many anti-aging benefits when using vegetable glycerine. Its excellent moisturizing properties aid in keeping skin looking young and healthy. Retaining moisture is vital for keeping skin in its best condition. It also draws oxygen into the skin, which is beneficial for anti-aging as well. There are many factors that cause dry skin and accelerate aging, and vegetable glycerine is an effective agent against these elements. It can be used in face washes and moisturizers.

Vegetable glycerine is hypoallergenic, and people suffering from acne can use this product without worry that it will aggravate their condition. Vegetable glycerine is also very antibacterial and aids in preventing breakouts and keeping pores clear. It also can speed healing of present acne lesions. It is not inflammatory and will not irritate skin like many other products with harsh chemical ingredients.

Skin Conditions
Eczema and psoriasis are two skin conditions marked by infection, irritation and itching. Many moisturizers used by people with normal skin conditions are either ineffective or can aggravate the condition. Vegetable glycerine is a very pure, nonirritating substance and can ease the discomfort of these conditions. Its antibacterial properties can also protect the skin from infection. It is best in its pure form for these conditions. Using a typical store product that contains it as just one of many ingredients will not have the same effect. Do not use it on infected skin that is weeping or oozing.

Even though vegetable glycerine is a carbohydrate, it does not have a large effect on blood sugar and can safely be used by people using insulin. Its sweetening and moistening properties make it a useful ingredient in many types of foods. Vegetable glycerine is also a natural preservative.

Hair Care
Vegetable glycerine's moisturizing properties are beneficial for hair as well as skin. Dry, brittle hair will benefit from using hair care products made with it. Direct application of the oil can be extra powerful. If someone suffers from a dry, flaky scalp, rubbing vegetable glycerine into it can alleviate this irritation. This can be particularly beneficial for African-American women who tend to have these types of hair issues. In addition to its moisturizing properties, it also strengthens the hair and makes breakage and split ends less likely.

Cleansing Oil
Glycerin makes a good base for facial cleansing oils. It is a natural product that can soften dry skin with a pleasant cooling effect. It is also good for use on sensitive skin with the addition of aloe vera juice. Mix glycerin with liquid castile soap for an effective cleanser. Add essential oils such as rosemary or peppermint for added scent. Essential oils and aloe vera juice are available from health food stores.

Clear Soaps
Vegetable glycerin makes attractive clear soaps. It melts at relatively low temperatures of 160 degrees Fahrenheit and is easy to work with. Add dyes and essential oils to create soap for your needs. Be aware, because of its tendency to draw moisture from the air, that it will dissolve more quickly than conventional bar soaps. Refrain from using glycerin soaps on your face in dry environments to prevent moisture loss.

Herbal Preparations
Its sweet taste makes it a good base for herbal preparations that may contain bitter or sour-tasting herbs. As a powerful solvent and is useful in preparing herbal remedies, it can be used in place of alcohol when extracting the compounds from plants. Mixed with baking soda, salt and peppermint essential oil, it creates a pleasant-tasting toothpaste that whitens your teeth.

Facial Creams
Glycerin can be added to facial cream preparations for added moisturizing and soothing effects. Mix with sweet almond oil, liquid lecithin and melted beeswax. Add rosewater and essential oils for a personalized scent. Store prepared facial creams in the refrigerator. As with any product, discontinue use if you experience redness or other reactions when using products with glycerin.

Hair Conditioner
Glycerin makes an effective conditioner, bringing moisture to dry hair. To help heal damaged hair, add aloe vera to glycerin for a moisture-rich conditioner.

Household Uses
Glycerin has applications that make household products. Grease molds and cupcake pans for easy removal after baking. Prevent hydraulic jacks from freezing with a little glycerin applied to exposed surfaces. Can be added as a component in ejuice for electronic cigarettes in order to produce vapor.

Where can I buy vegetable glycerin?
 You can buy online here at Uses For Vegetable Glycerin of ChemWorld. Our  stocks are  manufactured to US FDA standards. All products featured on site are in stock and ready to be shipped within 24 hours.

Can I buy vegetable glycerin  in any quantity?
Yes, we ship as little as one gallon orders to as much as 4x55 gallon containers. Call or email us for details.

How do I store vegetable glycerin?
Protect material from direct sunlight.

What is the shelf life of vegetable glycerin?
Shelf life is approximately 2 years if it is kept under the recommended storage and handling conditions. If the product has not been used within 2 years, we recommend to test the
product for key specifications. No specific data has been collected for the shelf-life of opened containers of glycerin; as it is hygroscopic, it can be expected that moisture content would increase upon extended exposure to air.

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